Access the abstracts by clicking on the titles. A pdf of the Programme can be downloaded here.

Throughout the days, we will provide ‘Break-out’ rooms for informal meetings.

9 am: Online Meeting becomes live for participants to join

9:10 am: Session 1

Mohammed Afsar, Sarah Stirrat and Lydia McLeod, Structure of turbulence prior to rapid-distortion.

Megan Knight, Mohammed Afsar, Rohella Muhel and Ioannis Kokkinakis, Turbulence kinetic energy for an axisymmetric steam jet.

Sarah Stirrat, M.Z Afsar and I.W Kokkinakis, Investigation of parallel computing for jet-surface interaction noise calculations.

George Greenlee, Mohammed Afsar and Rohella Muhel, Investigating incipient separation for an aerofoil at an arbitrary orientation subjected to on oncoming gust.

Katherine Meaden, Mohammed Afsar, Rohella Muhel and Ioannis Kokkinakis, The Coanda Effect anomaly present in 2D CFD simulations of installed rectangular jets.

10:30 am: break-out sessions; get your own coffee (sorry)

11 am : Session 2

Ivan Zadrazil, Dantec Dynamics. Seeding Particles in Experimental Fluid Dynamics.

Oleksandr Zhdanov, Richard Green and Angela Busse, Aerodynamic properties of a succulent inspired cylinder.

Abel Arredondo Galeana, Anna Young and Ignazio Maria Viola, Passively morphing blades for load alleviation of tidal turbines.

Ryan Kyle and Wolf-Gerrit Früh, Braking and propeller state for floating offshore wind turbines.

Hugh J A Bird and Kiran Ramesh, Modelling leading edge vortices on finite wings with low order methods.

12:10 pm: Poster Session

Ahmed Abuhatira, Salim. M. Salim, Hussein. A. Hussein and Jan. B. Vorstius, Effects of Curvature Radius Ratio of 90-Degree Pipe Elbow on FIV Signal.

Geroge Hyde-Linaker, Richard Black and Asimina Kazakidi, Multi-scale model of the fluid-structure interaction during flow mediated dilation for assessing vasodilation.

Ahmed El-hady, David Hutson, Des Gibson, Katherine Kirk and Richard Fu, Thin film Induced Surface Acoustic Wave actuated Microfluidics for Lab-on-chip applications.

Daniel Johnston, Mohammed Afsar, Adrian Sescuc and  Ioannis Kokkinakis, Investigating the effectiveness of Padé-type approximations.

Jonathan Wilkin, Alan Cuthbertson, James Wilkes, Sue Dawson, Dorrik Stow, Karl Stephen, Uisdean Nicholson and Nadia Penna, Experimental modelling of the flow processes and deposits produced by turbidity currents in base-of-slope settings.

Simon Kelly, Mohammed Afsar, Rohella Muhel and Ioannis Kokkinakis, How a jet flow interacting with a streamwise/spanwise corrugated surface causes an increase in turbulence kinetic energy.

Kevin Singh, K. Ritos, I. Kokkinakis and M. Frank, Comparison of Induced Drag Prediction Methods on Unstructured Grids.

12.50 pm: break-out sessions – sadly only virtual food

1.30 pm : Session 3

Maria Boumpouli, Emilie Sauvage, Claudio Capelli, Silvia Schievano, Terence Gourlay and Asimina Kazakidi, A methodology to investigate the blood flow in patient-specific models of tetralogy of Fallot.

Josh Williams, J. Kolehmainen, S. Cunningham, A. Ozel and U. Wolfram, Image-based inhaler deposition analysis during respiratory exacerbation.

Scott Black, K. Ritos, C. Maclean, R. Brodie and A. Kazakidi, Effect of Windkessel Boundary Conditions on 3D Blood Flow Simulations in the Aortic Arch.

Mamdud Hossain, Nkemjika Mirian Asiegbu, Mohamad Ghazi Droubi and Sheikh Zahidul Islam, Slug and Churn Flow Induced Forces on Piping in Vertical Upward Flow – A CFD Study.

Robin Kamenicky, M. Frank, D. Drikakis and K. Ritos, Wall Boiling Theory and Practice for Immersion Quenching.

Tom Eaves, Dewatering of fibrous porous media.

3 pm break-out sessions; get your own tea (or g&t)

3.30 pm pm : Session 4

David Rees Jones and Andrew Wells, Subglacial plumes: dynamics, supercooling and frazil-ice formation.

G Saranraj and Anirban Guha, Energy transfer in resonant and near-resonant internal wave triads in a bounded domain with varying topography.

Magnus MacKay, Mohammed Afsar and Ioannis Kokkinakis, An LES investigation of the 2D Tollmien-Schlichting wave instability in channel flow.

Anirban Guha and Akanksha Gupta, Particle trapping via wave-topography interactions.

Lise Ceresiat, J. Kolehmainen and A. Ozel, Eulerian-Eulerian modelling of gas-solid suspensions with bidisperse charged particles.

4:45 pm: Closing remarks

5 pm: Online Meeting closes down: Have a nice evening and look forward to meeting properly next soon.